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OutletPintar manages your business reporting and helps the sales process be faster.

Working with any devices. The collaboration of accessibility, mobility and reporting accuracy that never been exists!

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The benefit you'll get

Point of Sale

Sell and print the receipt from any devices without any difficult configurations.

Product Management

Determine when to accurately re-stock the products, quantities and base prices.

Sales Reports

Sales report accuracy that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

Order Management

The order process is easier by saving and open the billing for each transaction.

Multi Outlet

Control many outlets and unify the reporting in one click, one device, anywhere.

Promo & Discount

Create a promo program, discounts and special prices and specify the period.

Employee Monitoring

Employee reports in the dashboard make it easy to calculate the commissions.

Loyalty Program

Make Loyalty easily in back office without any required a member card.

Simple and Easy To Use

Login anywhere

Control your outlet completely even when you are not on location. OutletPintar can be opened anytime and anywhere, with desktop or mobile devices.

Log in wherever you are to monitor the movement of sales trends that are running at your outlet.

Real time sales profit monitoring

You can immediately see how the sale is going, directly with the profits.

Also transactions and number of items sold, sales charts based on time of transaction, best-selling items and stock controls that will soon run out.

Instant transaction from any device

You do not need a special device to conduct sales transactions. Just provide facilities that support connectivity to your cashier and they can directly transact, whether from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone!

Facility to save and reopen billing

We understand the culture of eating first before paying. OutletPintar provides a save-open billing feature, which orders will be recorded in the system, and reopened for payment, based on the table number.

You can even save the transaction as owed to the customer, and determine the payment due.

Print and save the receipt in simple step

Print the receipt immediately after the transaction, and give it to the buyer. Can be done from desktop or mobile devices that already support printer connectivity.

The receipt will still be stored in the system, following the details of the transaction.

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